Hearing Aid Accessories

Easily connect, interact, and engage with your world. Stream all the sound that matters.

When you’re in a challenging listening situation - at a family gathering, watching the television, in meetings, speaking to people whilst driving or at a busy restaurant - wireless accessories will help you hear better.

The accessories below are compatible with the danalogic Ambio and danalogic Ambio Smart hearing aids.  All wireless accessories are easy to connect and you can set them up from the comfort of your home.

Micro MicMicro Mic
Remote Control 2Remote Control 2
Multi MicMulti Mic
Simple Remote ControlSimple Remote Control
Phone Clip+Phone Clip+
TV Streamer 2TV Streamer 2
danalogic Actio 77 Rechargeable BTE Desktop Chargerdanalogic Actio 77 Rechargeable BTE Desktop Charger
danalogic Actio 88 Rechargeable Power BTE Desktop Chargerdanalogic Actio 88 Rechargeable Power BTE Desktop Charger
Premium ChargerPremium Charger
Danalogic Charger Plug
Danalogic Charger USBC Cable